It’s rich, satisfying, sensual, smooth, soft, soothing, succulent, sweet, and the best candy in the world! Chocolate is so darn amazing and there are different kinds of chocolate for everybody.  The three kinds of chocolate that are the most common are dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. I like all three and could eat as much I possibly can without dying of a chocolate overdose. According to the gourmet healthy chocolates website, nine out of ten people love chocolate; however, my friend Jazmine is not apart of the nine because she does not like chocolate. She is the only person I know who does not like chocolate, but I don’t judge her because that’s part of her individuality and part of what makes her unforgettable.

There are many sweet desserts that have chocolate in them such as chocolate cake, chocolate cheesecake, brownies, fudge pops, chocolate crème Brûlée , chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate ice cream and so much more.  People have found ways to add the delicious creaminess of chocolate in almost everything. For people who don’t want such fancy chocolate deserts, there are also chocolate candy bars that you can find in grocery stores, drug stores, markets, and any store that sells food. Chocolate candy bars are not expensive unless you get the really fancy ones that have a large percentage of cacao, is the basis of chocolate, because those are healthier . There are a variety of candy bars that are different brands and have different flavors. There are Hershey bars, Crunch bars, Twix bars, Snicker Bars, Reese’s bar and much more that can satisfy whatever it is someone is carving. If a person wants a crunchy or nutty bar there’s a one for that, a salty and sweet one there’s one for that, a caramel filling they have that, a peanut butter filling, a coconut filling, a toffee filling, a raspberry sauce filling, and minty filling they have a bar for that.

Chocolate does more than please your taste buds, it can help people who are feeling upset and help them feel better. If your going through a break up just eat a tub of chocolate ice cream or a ton of chocolate bars and it will help cheer you up or if you feel stressed some chocolate will do the job at least it does for me. Chocolate is a tasty sweet that can satisfy anybody’s sweet tooth with whatever it is they are looking for because there is a great variety of flavors that fit to any person’s needs.


My best friend

Last week was my spring break or sprang break as some people like to call it these days anyway, most people my age go on an extravagant trip or they go visit family from out of state or they party all night, but I however went to the beach once  and went to watch an MMA fight. Both the MMA fight and beach were enjoyable but what was more enjoyable to me, was having those days  where my day consisted of waking up, going to Starbucks, coming back home, eating breakfast, watching Netflix for three hours, getting lunch, coming back home to watch more Netflix, going to Yogurtland, coming back home to watch a little more Netflix, finally going to sleep and the next day repeat. It was those simple activities that were for me, the best times during my spring break. Why were those moments the best times to me? It was the best time because I did all of it with my best friend. My sister.  My sister Joann is my best friend because she has always been there for me and I mean always. From the moment I was born, my sister was there for me, to take care of me and to make me laugh. As we have gotten older we do more stuff together like going out to lunch, shopping, and going to get coffee at eight pm with my brother to either Euro café or coffee code which are both good places to get coffee.

Although we are not really around the same age, we still manage to understand each other and can always count on each other. I know I can tell here everything because I know she won’t judge me and she will be honest with me which I love. We are so alike but yet so different and I think that’s why we work so well together.  I love hanging out with my sister because there is never a dull or boring moment when we are together. Every time we hang out we spend half of the time laughing our butts off and the other half stuffing our faces with food, but not cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets or Chinese food. It’s all vegetarian food because my sister is a vegetarian and I am on my way of becoming one but have not yet made the full transition because my mom won’t let me, it’s okay I still love her to death, so I occasionally eat chicken but only around my mom.  I also look up to my sister because she is a strong women and a great mother to my nephew Josiah who I also love death. My sister has taught me to enjoy life and not let other people’s opinions get to me because I am who I am and nobody is going to change that. She constantly is encouraging me to be the best version of myself and to do what makes me feel good. She tells me to embrace my individuality.

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Everybody feels sad sometimes

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Do you know that one friend that everybody thinks is the nicest person in the world and is so positive and happy all the time, well that’s me, I am that one friend whom people consider a ray of sunshine. Now don’t get me wrong, I love being happy and making everybody else happy around me, but there are times where I feel sad or down on myself too. I am here to alter your preconceived idea that happy people never get sad because they do. Everybody has moments in their life where they feel unhappy, even the happiest people feel like that too because every now and then there are situations in life that make us feel upset and that is perfectly normal; however I am not saying that feeling sad everyday is normal because that is not and that might mean that you are depressed in which you should see a doctor immediately because that it a serious matter. What I am talking about is that sad feeling you get when you are feeling very stressed or you had a bad day or you got some upsetting news, or you got a bad grade, all those situations can make you feel unhappy. I know that when I feel very stressed I tend to feel really sad or when I struggle with something I start doubting myself and it all goes down hill from there. People can’t be expected to happy all the time but when they do feel upset they should try and cheer themselves up. When I am sad I have a series of steps that I take that could be of use to anybody who is feeling sad. The first thing I do is express my feelings whether I tell a close friend or I write it down in my diary to let it out. Then I like to either watch my favorite movie or dance because those are activities that I love doing so it helps to cheer me up.

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I will also listen to music to cheer me up because there is always a song out there that can cheer you up. Lastly, if I don’t choose to do neither then I treat myself to some unhealthy but delicious food such as French fries, anything chocolate, pizza, or bread because food always makes me happy and I know it makes everyone happy too. Those are the things that I do to cheer myself and they may not work for everyone but it’s worth a shot because when you’re feeling gloomy and upset you need to try you’re best to get over it. I like being happy because that’s the way people should live there life, that’s the way we stay positive or at least that’s the way I do. So the next time you feel sad don’t worry about it because its normal and a part of life and the best thing to do is cheer yourself up.

What to expect after High school

I’ve always wondered if everyone after high school goes straight to college or if they take a year off to travel the world like so many high school students do in the movies. After doing some research, I found that in 2013 65.9 %  of high school graduates were enrolled in college or university classes. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about six in ten high school students enrolled in college attend a 4-year university and the others attend a 2-year college. So then what happens to the other 34.1%? What do they do?  If they are not going to school then they must have a job right? well not necessarily, the unemployment rate for high school graduates not enrolled in college was 30.9% while the rate for graduated enrolled in college was 20.2%.  The information that I found has altered my preconceived ideas on life after high school. As it turns out, not everyone has their life planned out or gets accepted into college of their dreams like they show in the movies. As a matter of fact, some people never even go to college.

On the TV show that I watch called The Vampire Diaries  the main characters graduate high school and then next thing you know they are in college and hardly even discussed the topic of college while they were still in high school. The three girls, named Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, all got accepted to the same school and all share a dorm together and have most of their classes together. Based on the information that I received from my friends who have had siblings go to college after high school, the chances of  getting accepted to the same college as your best friends is slim to none. In the real world, people usually go to different colleges than their friends, and people get the idea that they will be friends forever because of what the movies and TV shows do to us. What the TV shows and movies also forget to mention, is the whole process of getting into college. Like how I mentioned earlier, in The Vampire Diaries  they only discussed sending college application twice and never once showed them actually deciding where they want to go or the stress of having to pay for college. They were all cool as cucumbers after sending their application and did not even think of how their life would be if they did not get accepted. The fact of the matter is that life after high school is not as easy as it appears to be on movies and  in TV shows and it really frightens me because I don’t know what to expect. Am I going go to a four year or go to a junior college and then transfer to a university?  I don’t really know what the future has for me or what I am going to do after high school, all I know is that I would like to be one of those people in the 65.9  % who enroll in a college or university.

Post-Concert depression

I am pretty sure that 95% of people suffer from post-concert depression and I myself have experienced it more than once. The very first time I experienced it was two years ago for the One Direction’s Take Me Home tour at the Staple Center. I remember how excited I was for the concert and when the day finally came, I could not contain my excitement. I went with my sister– who does not really like one direction– to the concert and I had an amazing time however, the concert was over in a matter of seconds, figuratively speaking, and afterwards I had this feeling of sadness wash over me. The day that I had been waiting for came and left right before my eyes and I couldn’t do anything about it however, I did manage to get over my post concert depression after a few days.

Left to right: Tyga, Chris Brown, and Trey Songz.

This is where the Chris Brown and Trey Songz conert was, The Forum

At the moment, I am experiencing post concert depression once again but this time for Chris Brown and Trey Songz’s In Between the Sheets tour. I received the tickets back in December as a Christmas present and all through that time I was counting the days till the concert. The concert finally came this past Sunday, March 8th,  at the Forum and it was honestly the best concert ever. I hope that what I am about to say does not offend any of my fellow Directioners, the name of the One Direction fandom,  but I had way more fun in this concert than in the One Direction one.  Everything about the concert was just incredible, from the vibe of audience to the actual performances. Once again I went with my sister but this time she actually was a fan of the performers so maybe that’s another reason why I found this concert more fun because we got to share our excitement together. There were many guest artist in the In Between the Sheets concert such as Ty dolla sign, Miguel, Nicki Minaj, ASAP Rocky, French Montana, Big Sean, Snoop Dog, and artist Tyga was the opening act. The fact that there were so many other artist that I was a fan of  made the concert even more fun because it felt more like a party and because all of the artist were having fun and their positive energy radiated to all of the audience. Because of all the fun I had, I am experiencing a large amount of post concert depression. I have been continuously listening to my favorite Chris Brown and Trey Songz songs 24/7 for these past couple of days. I have accepted that I need to get over or persevere through this post concert depression. The way to do so is to first accept that it is over, which I am currently doing so as I am typing this, and second it is best to vent out your feelings to someone so that you do not have it all inside of you. I will choose to vent out to my sister because she knows exactly what I am going through and we can relate to each other. After you follow those two steps you should be okay but for some people it might take a bit more. As for me, those steps work perfectly and have helped me get over post-concert depression before for the One Direction one so I’ll be fine. To anyone who has gone through this or is go through this, you are not alone.

Family bonding, Family traditions

Yesterday March 4, it was my brother Josue’s birthday and we went over to his place to celebrate it.  I noticed that we did the same thing for my mom’s birthday which was last month and I began to realize it was like a tradition. Every year when it’s one of our sibling’s birthday and it lands during the week, we all go over to their house with food, usually pizza, and cake which is usually bought from wholefoods  market by my sister. We all show up 20 minutes late and we stay there for about three hours and within those three hours we all are laughing, arguing, and being very loud for no reason but that’s just the way we are. My sister and I usually watch them and laugh at how crazy they are because its really entertaining.  I also realized that for the past five years we have developed a new tradition as well on Christmas eve. On the day before Christmas eve my sister and I usually around 8:00pm begin to prepare the tamales. We spread the masa ,dough in Spanish, on the rajas, some corn leaf thing, and we put the shredded chicken with the green salsa that my sister makes inside ,then we wrap it up. After that we make some that have pieces of chili and some ranchero cheese because my sister is a vegetarian.

These are some of the cakes from wholefoods.

These are the chicken ones we make.

We place them in the pig pot and put it in the refrigerator so that the next day we can cook them. On Christmas eve we get up at 8:00am and cook the tamales because they take a really long time to cook so that’s why we get up so early. While the tamales are cooking my sister and I then make some sort of dessert which is usually cupcakes with a filling that we make out of cool whip and raspberries.  After that the rest of our family gets here and brings food that they made like rice or beans or they bring chips and dip. It’s these little “traditions” I guess you would call them that bring our family together and help us bond.  I love the fact that I am close to my siblings because they are always there for me and support me in everything just like I support them. The way that we support each other reminds me of the book that my teacher read to us yesterday called Flora and the Flamingo. The book shows how when you have people there to support you and have your back even when you fall, it won’t be as bad as you falling and being on your own. When you are trying to achieve something in life it is always best to have a person or more there to help you and believe in you because it really help you achieve your goal.  In the book, Flora gets support from the flamingo and I feel as if I am Flora and the flamingo is my family. I am really thankful for having my family support me in everything because they are the people that mean he most to me. I hope these little traditions never end because it is what helps keep our family bonded and helps us always be there for each other.

My journey into the team

Leaps are one of my favorite things to do!

Two years ago I decided to take the school’s dance one class because ever since I was a little girl, I always enjoyed dancing at parties and dancing around the house. I went into this class thinking  this will be a fun, easy class but never expected to end up falling in love with dance. A few weeks into the class, when we started learning the basics of the Jazz dance style is when I realized that dancing is something that I loved doing and I wanted to continue doing it. Later on that month was the school’s first assembly and I didn’t know what to expect or what was going to happen. After the stampede of students made their way through doors into the gym is when the assembly began. I don’t remember too much of the other performances because the only two that I remember were the Intermediate and Advanced dance teams. Their performance left me in awe and from that moment on I made it my goal to make it onto one of those teams. I started working hard on my flexibility because I had seen the dance team do tricks that required flexibility and I wanted to be as good as them. I wanted to improve on everything after watching their performances. Try outs finally came and a few of my friends — that I made in the dance class — were trying out with me too. Walking into the tryouts and looking at all the amazing dancers doing a La second turns and four pirouettes is when I realized that perhaps I was not ready yet ; I still tried out anyway but didn’t make the neither of the teams. I was bummed out at first but knew that the following year I would take dance two and work even harder.

The next year came quicker than I expected but I was ready, I was going to push myself to become a better dancer. Kelly, who I had met in dance one, was in my class and she had the same love for dance as I did which is why we became best friends. Her and I always helped each other and when tryouts came we tried out together. I still remember that on the first day of try outs — when we learn across the floor and a short jazz/hip-hop routine — I felt so nervous and I kept falling out of my turns when we practiced in small groups so I started to doubt myself. Turns have always and still are the most difficult for me to do. I told Kelly that I did not want to try out anymore because I was not ready yet but she told me that I was and that I could do it, so I ended up going the next day. I was so scared and I just wanted to get it over with because I could not handle the anxiety. When it is time for a person to tryout, it is done in groups of three and the dancers go onstage to perform what they learned the previous day. It is performed in front of Mrs.Howerton, the dance teacher, and three other judges. My turn came and I had to go with Zoe and Cassie who were on the team the previous year, so I thought great I’m going to look so bad dancing next to them.  I went on stage and gave it my all and walked out feeling confident in my performance because I was able to keep up with the girls and I didn’t forget anything.

That night I started to reflect on my performance, and I started to think of all the things I did wrong or could’ve done better which made me believe that I didn’t make the team. The next day I was dreading to find out if I made it or not and what didn’t help was the fact that you have to wait until after school ends to find out whether or not you made the team. The bell rang and school was finally over, so I started walking over to where I get my envelope that tells me if I made it or not. I went up and told Kathy, the lady who works in the girls locker room, my number which was 35. She gave me the envelope and it felt heavy so my heart started pounding, I open it as fast as my little hands could and I read that I made the intermediate team!! I was so happy because my hard work paid off. My group of friends which included Kelly came and they all congratulated me. I told her that if I made it then she had to make it too and she did. Even though I persevered the previous year and didn’t reach my goal I didn’t let it stop me from trying again. I continued to persevere and although I had some self-doubt I still tried and in the end it paid off. Because of my perseverance, I ended up making the team and in my journey through perseverance I made a new best friend who I am still best friends with today. Being on the dance team has given me confidence, happiness, and new talented friends. Dance also taught me to never give up on myself and that there is something we can always improve on to become not only a better dancer but a better person.